Entry Topics

Great solutions stem from great ideas! The Making for Good Challenge encourages young makers across the nation to innovate with purpose. Student teams are invited to develop a unique product design solution that either meets an underserved societal or environmental need. Solutions must be a new product or idea and can’t be a new use for an existing product. Proposed design solutions should fall under one of the below topic areas:

Societal Needs 

What kind of product would address an issue in healthcare, safety, transportation, disaster resilience, infrastructure, security (such as cameras and monitoring), employment, automation of routine tasks, elderly care, childcare, education, nutrition, physical health, and more? How can you help to solve or improve some of these societal necessities?  

Environmental Needs 

Human influence has resulted in changes to our natural environment. How can we work together to help solve some of these issues? Explore environmental needs like coastal shoreline restoration, green infrastructure, carbon footprint reduction, clean air and water, recycling, sustainable power sources, sustainable transportation, up-cycling, improved materials and energy efficiency, smart cities, and more. How can you help to improve or solve some of these environmental needs?  

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Challenge Rules

Ensure that your challenge submission adheres to each of the challenge rules for a chance to win the grand prize!